How to create an account

Creating an account for this virtual learning environment is very similar to other online processes you might already know, e.g. making a purchase or booking a journey online.

If you are familiar with this process, just go to the upper right-hand corner of the webpage and click on "Log In" and continue creating your account on the next page.

If this is new to you, here are some step-by-step instructions:

1. On the homepage click on Log In. This opens the next page.

Account step 1

2. On the right-hand side of the new page, click on Create a new account:

account step 2

3. You will be taken to a form which you have to complete. Read the comments below for further explanations.

account creation upper part

account creation lower part

4. Click on Create my new account.
You will be taken to a new page with the following message:

email announcement

Now go to your e-mail program and look for a message like this (it might be in your spam folder):

email confirmation for account

Confirm your account by clicking on the link. Now you are registered.

If you are a teacher, please look at the preview course and complete the "Course Request" form.
If you are a student, your teacher will tell you what the next steps are.


Last modified: Thursday, 16 March 2017, 12:27 PM