How to enrol students

How can my students enrol in the online course?

There are two ways to enrol your students in the course:

  • with an enrollment key
  • manually

Using an Enrollment Key

  • Ask your students to create an account following the instructions on the homepage.
  • Tell them the enrollment key for your course (you will receive it from our administrator via e-mail) and the name of the course.
  • Your students will find the link to the course on the start page if they click on "All Courses". It will be named according to your school's name.

    When your students click on "All Courses", they will see a list of all available courses.

  • When they click on the name of their course, they will be directed to the course and prompted to type in the enrollment key. Clicking on the magnifying glass symbol makes the letters and numbers visible.

  • Your students can now access the course. The enrollment key is only needed for the first registration.
  • From now on, the course can be found on the personal dashboard and beneath the "My Courses" link after logging in.

Manual enrollment (by the teacher)

  • Ask your students to create an account following the instructions on the homepage.
  • Go to the menu (side box) Administration in your course.
  • Click on Users.
  • Click on Enrolled Users.
  • You will see a table with only one user: yourself.
  • Click on Enroll Users. You will see a list of authenticated users, which will soon become very long as more students enroll on the platform.
  • Go to Assign Roles and select "student" in the dropdown menu.
  • Search for every student you want to enroll and click on Enroll beside his/her name (for this purpose, it is important that your students register under their real name).
  • Then click on Finish enrolling users. Your students are now enrolled in the course and can access the tasks and materials.
  • After enrollment, they will find the course on the personal dashboard and beneath the "My Courses" link whenever they log in.

Enrollment in the Global Conference Room

There are various ways to become a member of the Global Conference Room, depending on the teacher's choice:

  • The whole class/group will be enrolled as a course. This will be done by the administration.
  • Only student delegates will be chosen to take part. They will be enrolled manually together with their teacher.
  • Only the teacher will be added manually, if this seems to be the most suitable choice under the circumstances.


Last modified: Thursday, 16 March 2017, 6:15 PM