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End of week round-up

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End of week round-up
by camillo von müller - Saturday, 1 April 2017, 3:59 PM

Dear Global Classroom participants,

Trusting that this email finds you well, we would like to share the following information as round-up toward the end of this week:

(1) Thank you

First of all, we would like to thank you for your participation and efforts in joining the Global Classroom in the G20 Finance Track. We hope you will enjoy working with the material and connecting to participants from other schools and countries. In the "Participants” section in the Global Conference Room you have the opportunity to display the profile of your group / school so that others can see and contact you. There, you can also look out for other schools that you may want to contact. Participation is optional and – if you have not done so already – we would be delighted if you would choose to share some information about you and your institution at this place. Special thanks go out to those who have added their profiles there, already.

(2) Check out the newly added film on Global Governance

During their meetings in Baden-Baden G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors gathered with experts, practitioners and representatives of academic institutions in the format of a “High Level Symposium” on enhanced international cooperation in a multipolar world. Among other things, sessions featured a film on “Global Economic Governance in a Multipolar World”. A link to this film has been posted on the web pages of the German MoF. You can access the link via the Discussion Forum in the Global Conference Room. There, you can also leave feedback and share your comments with Global Classroom participants from other schools and countries.

(3) Connect with others

You can use the Global Classroom as platform so as to get into contact with other participants. One way of doing this would be to upload the solutions to designated exercises into the Global Conference Room. For example, Module 1 provides an opportunity to upload your ideas of an alternative G20 logo to the Global Conference Room, whereas Module 2 invites you to prepare a photo-story, or a movie (or alternative ways of visualization) on global governance and share the product of your work with others in the Global Conference Room. There, you can also comment on the results of your peers and enter into an exchange of ideas that may lead to further opportunities of collaboration.

We are delighted that you are on board and are looking forward to continuing to work with you over the next couple of weeks.

Best wishes,

Your Global Classroom in the G20 Finance Track Team